Gifts of Objects and Archival Material

Kodachrome Transparency processed in November, 1962, captioned “McDermott’s Diner leaving from Pocasset St. opposite post office.” This slide is from an Airequipt Slide Changer Magazine containing 100 slides processed between 1959 – 1963 depicting various Fall River views and the destruction of several iconic city structures, photographed and captioned by an unidentified individual. The slides were recently donated to the FRHS Photograph Collection. The FRHS maintains the most comprehensive collection extant of photographic material pertaining to the city of Fall River and its people, with images dating from the dawn of photography.

Gifts of Objects and Archival Material

As the primary guardian for Fall River’s community and family history, the FRHS is actively engaged in expanding its holdings by acquiring historically significant material in various categories that will broaden the scope of its collections. Categories include:

  • Americana
  • Costumes and Accessories
  • Decorative Arts
  • Ephemera
  • Fall River Textile Industry; Furniture
  • Local History; Manuscripts
  • Maritime; Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture – 19th century
  • Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture – 20th century
  • Photographs.

The vast majority of the FRHS’s holdings are acquired by gift from private donors and collectors, who give for a variety of reasons: family heirlooms are entrusted to the museum to ensure for their care; private collectors donate so their collections will not be dispersed; and individuals give so their treasured pieces will be available for public exhibition and study.

In order to address the specific needs of the collection, the FRHS does not engage in indiscriminate collecting and maintains a stringent policy in that regard. All material accepted must have belonged to a city resident, upgrade existing collections, have a connection to the history of the city of Fall River, or fill a particular need.

If you are considering making a donation of an object(s) or archival material to the FRHS, please contact the curators in advance to discuss your proposed gift.

All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.